How many times did it happen that you wanted to customize the theme you just installed for your WordPress site and when you edit the style.css nothing change?

WordPress does a lot of caching to optimize performances, so the easies way to force the browser to reload the css file rather than using the one in cache is by appending a random query string to the file name, for example style.css?x=2354

This could work well if you just make one change, but if you make several changes then you always need to change that random number so another easy and smart way would be adding the timestamp of the last modified date/time of the file.

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Today I decided to change the permalinks of my blog and removing the date from the URL.

Well, you probably know that if you set the permalink to have the date in it if you change it this will generate a 404 page.

WordPress Permalinks

This doesn’t happen with all other options (that you see in the image) that don’t include the date. If you switch between the Default, Post Name, or also custom ones (for example with the category name in the URL), WordPress is clever enough to update the URL and don’t cause a 404 page.

So, should I just leave the date in the URL for ever?

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I see quite often people recommending various plugins to obtain a simple scroll-to-top animation (like the one I have on this blog)

Did you know that you could make this simply using jQuery?

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Have you ever wondered how to host web pages, make them public and have them synchronized with your local hard drive? The answer is Google Drive!

From now you can do so and simpy share maybe templates, proposal to your clients and use it as a personal portfolio which works locally if you are using Google Drive for Desktop or online with a public URL.

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As I am creating this new WordPress website the question comes up by itself: what are the essential WordPress plugins?

The answer is: it depends. Depending on what you want to do on your website you should decide which plugins to install.
Remember that too many plugins will stress the database and this will cause your website to be slower, especially if you are on a shared hosting.

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Hello world!

January 29, 2013 // Development

Yes, Hello World.

The most typical expression used in the “programming world“.  Who did not write that on his/her first piece of code in a software, web site, mobile app?

When I was in High-School this was my first line of code written in C++:

  printf("hello, world");

It is now a tradition to use this formula, it is almos automatic when you have to try something new and you want to test that everything is correctly installed, configured and working.

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