How to host web pages on Google Drive

February 7, 2013 // HTML

Have you ever wondered how to host web pages, make them public and have them synchronized with your local hard drive? The answer is Google Drive!

From now you can do so and simpy share maybe templates, proposal to your clients and use it as a personal portfolio which works locally if you are using Google Drive for Desktop or online with a public URL.

How do you get that?

Easy, just create a folder on you Google Drive folder called for example “WebSite”.

Make it public by right-clicking on the folder, select “Share” and select the option “Public on the Web”

Share in Google Drive

Open one of the HTML pages, preferably the home, click on “Preview” and then grab the URL of the page opened.

Preview in Google Drive

In my case is

This is the final result.

Will you use such a feature?

I think it could be useful in some occasions, let me know what you think about that!

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